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Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Liu Quan at the Launching Ceremony of the Union-Pay Ecosystem in Suriname

October 14, 2018, Paramaribo Royal Torarica Hotel


Your Excellency Jennifer Simons, Speaker of National Assembly,

Your Excellency Stephen Tsang, Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism,

Your Excellency Gillmore Hoefdraad, Minister of Finance,

Mr. Chong Chee Koon, Founder of Southern Commercial Bank,

CEO of SPSB Bank and Telesur,

Mr Shuan Ghaidan, Director of Products, Union-Pay International,

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Evening!

I am very honored to attend the launching of the Union-Pay Ecosystem in Suriname, which will also launch the Belt and Road Union-Pay card. This is a historic event in the financial sector of Suriname. First of all please allow me to congratulate you for the hard and coordinated work. I wish you every success in your great endeavor.

As you know that Suriname is a great country rich in culture and national resources. The diversified and harmonious culture are special and unique in global terms. With these characteristics and the pioneering spirit of the people of Suriname, you can do whatever it takes and make the country peaceful and prosperous. I have great confidence on you in fulfilling your dream of raising the living standard of the people of Suriname and becoming a hub of economic development and cultural center of the Caribbean region. I am with you at all time and would contribute my part to achieve your goal.

Dear friends, China and Suriname are good friends and partners. We respect each other and support each other. As Chinese Foreign Minister said during his historic visit to Suriname that the relations between China and Suriname are excellent and have become a model in South South Cooperation. In May this year, we signed the MOU on the Belt and Road Initiative cooperation, which has set up an important platform for our future cooperation, which will benefit both of us and achieve a win win situation for the cooperation between us. The essence of this the Belt and Road Initiative is five connectivity, namely policy connectivity, finance connectivity, trade connectivity, infrastructure connectivity and people to people connectivity. Although all of these connectivity are very important, I think finance connectivity plays a key and crucial role in our endeavor, and this is what you are doing here tonight. As Chinese Ambassador, I would spare no efforts to support you to reach that goal.

China and Suriname are far apart geographically but there is zero distance between our hearts. Especially in this digital age, geography plays less role than technology. China is now quite strong in its digital economy. In China, it is absolutely a necessity to have a mobile phone with you wherever you are. I have been aboard for quite long and feel like an alien at home and has to adapt the digital life there, whether you take a taxi or go to market for shopping or even go a ride for bicycle. As Suriname is vast and quite of your population is living in forest areas, this digital technology, like this Union-Pay card could serve to the right people in need. I believe it will bring real benefit to the people of Suriname.

Hangzhou is the digital capital of China and it is also the sister city of Paramaribo. I will be more than happy to facilitate the communications and cooperation of the two cities in the future, especially on how to use the digital technology to promote economic and social development.

Once again, congratulate you and wish you great success. Thank you.

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