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Statement of the Chinese Embassy

The Chinese government firmly opposes any form of racial discrimination. During our fight against the coronavirus, the Chinese government has been attaching great importance to the life and health of foreign nationals in China. All foreigners are treated equally. We reject differential treatment, and we have zero tolerance for discrimination. At the same time, foreign nationals who work and live in Guangdong Province of China should follow and cooperate with China's epidemic prevention regulations and work together to prevent and control epidemic situations.

Both Chinese and African sides have communicated on the relevant issues, eliminating misunderstandings. When meeting with the press recently, Nigerian foreign minister Geoffrey Onyeama commended China's epidemic response, thanked China for its support for Nigeria, called on the Nigerian people to take an objective and rational view on the situation of some African nationals in Guangdong, and made some clarifications. At present, African consulates in Guangzhou have established various communication mechanisms with the Guangdong Province and Guangzhou municipal governments. Many African foreign ministers, ambassadors to China, and consuls-general in Guangzhou have shown understanding to Guangdong's anti-epidemic measures, acknowledged China's prompt action to address concerns raised by the African side, and asked their nationals to comply with local anti-epidemic rules.

China and Africa are a community with a shared future through thick and thin. The traditional friendship between China and Africa is rock-solid and unbreakable. It will not be affected by any isolated incident, still less disrupted by forces trying to drive a wedge between us. No attempt to undermine China-Africa relations will succeed.

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